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Write a letter to your wife from abroad.

Write a letter to your wife from abroad.

Dear Pinky,

Hi! Hope this letter brings a lot of happiness to you. How are the children? Convey them, my love. I am missed you since the time the flight landed at Frankfurt. Life here is altogether different and people are more realistic. There are lots of places of interest and visiting those places reminded me of you. I wanted you to be with me but if only wishes were horses. The days are quite hectic but the evenings are quite lonely and the only solace I derive is, thinking about you and the children. I’m quite confident that the work entrusted to me by my principals will be over within a fortnight and once again I’ll be reunited with my loved ones. Be particular about your eating habits and for my sake do not get depressed about not being with me. At least you have the children for company whereas I have only memories. Out here, it is quite pleasant, unlike in India. Do not venture out during the afternoons. In the next few days, I’ll be covering some picturesque areas of Germany. I’ve already shot two film rolls and by the time I return to India, you can be assured that you’ll see the entire Germany through my lens. Being here I realise how much I love you and it is true that distance in a relationship breeds proximity. Wait for my next letter.

Yours Ever-loving,



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