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Write a Letter of Application for the Post of a Stenographer

Write a Letter of Application for the Post of a Stenographer

A-7, Naraina,

Phase II,

New Delhi, 110028.




The Advertiser,

Box No. 4592,

The Hindustan Times,

New Delhi-110001.

October 10, 1990


Sub: Application for the Post of a Stenographer

Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement-in yesterday’s Hindustan Times for the post of a Stenographer in your organisation, I apply for the same. I have an aptitude and required qualifications and experience for the above post. I did my B.Com. from the Delhi University in 1985, securing first class and distinction in Accountancy.

I hold a Diploma in Stenography from I.T.I., Arab-Ki-Sarai, New Delhi under the Directorate of Training and Technical Education, Delhi Administration, Delhi. I passed this course in 1986. At present I possess the speed of [20 and 50 words per minute in shorthand and typing respect I have five years long experience as a Stenographer and can hold independent charge of correspondence and records. At present I have been working with a reputed Export-Import , Company in Delhi since 1987. My present employers are fully satisfied with my work and conduct, but since you are offering better scale and three advance increments, I would like this Change.

I am a young man of 27 years with very active habits and capacity to work hard even till late hours at nights, if required. I want to assure you of giving entire satisfaction to all my superiors and utmost cooperation to my colleagues in the organisation.

Kindly grant me an early interview and test so as to give me an opportunity to show you my actual worth and merit. I may add that I would require a month’ s time to join this new post if selected.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ravinder Mohan


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