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What is an Operating System ?


What is Operating System ?

Before explaining the concept of Operating System, we will discuss what is Software ?, because Operating System itself is a software.

What is Software ?

Software is a set of instructions designed to perform a particular task there are two types of Software’s.

1. System Software

2. Application Software

The Operating System comes in the category of System Software. As it’s name implies system software is software designed for management of whole system of the computes. It governs the control of equipments resources such processors, main storage, secondary storage, IO devices and files. Without Operating System compute is a dead entity. The Operating System is the master control program that runs the computer. It is the first program loaded when the computer is turned on and its main part called kernel, reside in memory at all time. Kernel remain in the memory while the computer is running and manages the memory and devices and all the application programs residing on the computer.


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