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Welcome a New Employee Letter, complete letter of Welcome example.

Welcome a New Employee Letter



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Dear team,

I have known  _______from over 5 years while she was working as an Assistant Manager in_________ . She reported to me as I was holding a position of Manager Operations between 2007 and 2010. During her tenure__________ has shown excellent capabilities and was sent for a couple of projects overseas. She is very intelligent and because of her enthusiasm and hard work she has achieved the best employee of the year award for the year 2009. Her communication skills are excellent and has helped her solve many of the supervisory irate calls she has handled. The 152customers were always satisfied by her resolution and she has received many customer appreciation letters.

She is very hardworking person who is trustworthy and dependable and can go to any extent to achieve her goals am sure she will be an asset to our team and the company you all can learn from her skills and experiences.

I wish her all the best in life and welcome her as Manager Operations position in our organization.


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