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Shorthand Stenography Online Course Chapter 12 “Joining of Strokes ”

Joining of Strokes 

Now you have practised all the consonants of the Pitman’s system of shorthand. Like other systems of writing, the next step of learning shorthand is the joining of consonant strokes. Joining of consonant is necessary for making the words. Joining of strokes means to write two or more consonant strokes together without lifting the pen or pencil.

Rules for Joining of Strokes 

The rules for joining strokes are given below:

i) While joining the strokes, the pen/pencil should not be lifted. The second stroke should be written at the end of the first stroke, the third stroke should be written at the end of the second stroke and so on.

ii) When strokes are joined to each other, they must be written in the same direction as when standing alone, downstrokes being always written in downward direction i.e from top to bottom, horizontal strokes being always written from left to right and upstrokes being always written from bottom to top.

iii) The size of the stroke will remain the same i.e. 1/6th (5mm approximately) of an inch.

iv) The thinness/thickness of the strokes will remain unchanged.

v) The angles and the shallow curves will remain the same.

Position of Strokes 
i) When the first stroke in an outline is a down stroke, it should rest on the line and the second down stroke will be written below the line e.g.




          T+ ch

          Th +D


ii) When a horizontal stroke is followed by a down stroke, the horizontal stroke should commence sufficiently high above the line to allow the down stroke to rest upon the line e.g.




iii) When a horizontal stroke is followed by either a horizontal stroke or by an upstroke, the horizontal stroke must be written on the line e.g.





iv) When an upstroke is the first stroke in an outline, it should begin on the line e.g.


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