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Sales Introduction Letter, complete letter of Introduction example.

Sales Introduction Letter


A good product needs a winning sales introduction letter. With this letter you must be able to win the approval of the customers to give your product a try. If you are trying to write a sales introduction letter and you just can’t start it, here is a sample that will, surely help you with that.


Garima Gupta

Choice Limited

12 March, 2011




Mr. Rachit Arora


Electro Appliances



Dear Mr. Arora,

We at Home care Limited would like to introduce to you our newest vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning the dirty corners of house roof edges. I guess, this is one of the many problems that most of your customers are complaining in your office.

This vacuum clear is very light thus making it easy to carry. Aside from that it is very power efficient, not need to worry about your electric bill and it is very durable that it can last up to how many Fears. Its feature also includes its ability to operate even on wet floors, rough edges as well as surfaces that needs to be handled well like your desktop computers. All in all, there are seven attachments to this appliance. We are giving a one year warranty and a cash back if you will find the product unsatisfactory. Rest assured, this product is of highest quality

This appliance is light weight, power efficient and durable. It is designed to operate on wet floors, rough edges, delicate surfaces like your computer. It has a total of seven attachments which facilitate the same features. It comes with a warranty of one year and a cash back offer if found unsatisfactory. You can be assured of the high quality of the appliance.

We will be delighted to make a product demonstration at your site at your most favourable time. Please feel free to call me anytime you prefer. Thank you so much.



Garima Gupta

Sales Manager


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