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Police Promotion Letter, complete letter of Promotion Announcement example.

Police Promotion Letter


Police department doesn’t have need to adopt the formal approach while writing things therefore police promotion letter would be written tactfully with the reference to test taken by police department. 


Commissioner of Police

Police Commissioner Office

Basheer Bagh


Respected Sir,

With due respect and regards, it is to bring into kind notification with the reference of national police academy circular about promotion issuance. I, Rana Pratap, constable of 2 town police of Bhongir, kindly put my request for the promotion consideration of sub inspector of police as by seeing eligibility factor. Hence, fulfil all criteria set by administration. I feel satisfaction as if I put glance on my professional experience served for police department with pride and honour. With addition to this, I have good plans to get into dense field due to my interest in social service.

I want to share some important milestones achieved by me while serving to police department. Hence, I secured gold medal in 100 meters rifle shooting, has 5 year vast experience as a constable, and come on merit as by passing all tests taken for sub inspector particular seat.

Attached with this letter are the documents which are necessary, in support of my candidature.


Yours Truly

Rana Pratap

Batch No. 4214411

Code 147447474


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