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NSQF Practical syllabus of “Front Office Operations (753)” for Class 12 CBSE





Time: 2 Hours                                                                                                            Marks: 40

Unit1: Formats Used in Registration                                                                  

  • Registration card.
  • C-form.


Unit2: Formats Used on Bell Desk

  • Errand card.
  • VIP amenity voucher.


Unit3: Role Play on Luggage Handling


Unit4: Chart for Bell Desk Equipments


Unit5: Role Play on Message and Mail Handling

  • Message.
  • Incoming Mail.
  • Outgoing Mail.


Unit6: Role Play on Receiving a Guest and Filling up Necessary Formats

  • Etiquettes and manners.
  • Role play on complaint handling.


Unit7: Role Play on Telephone Handling

  • Conversation between a caller and the Telephone Operator.


Unit8: Role Play on up Selling Techniques


Unit9: Situation Handling at the Concierge


Unit10: Quiz based on Glossary Terms                                                 

  • Reception.
  • Bell desk.
  • During the stay activities.

Information & concierge.



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