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Letter regarding the spate in crime.

Letter regarding the spate in crime.

August 13, 2003


The Delhi Commissioner,

Delhi Police Headquarters,

New Delhi.


With deep regret, one has to complain that in recent months, Delhi has become the most dangerous city to inhabit with dacoity, theft, abduction and rape increasing in dangerous proportions. As a citizen, who has been living in Delhi since 1972, I am compelled to say that Delhi has lost the charm and is just a Skelton of its original self. Moreover, the immigrant problem is increasing by a huge proportion and the migrant labour from the neighbouring states has also resulted in pathetic state of Delhi. Inspite of tall claims by Delhi Police, nothing substantial has been done to control the crime. It is high time that the Police Department should do something drastic to control the crime and make Delhi a city to live without fear. As a long time, inhabitant of this beautiful historical city, I would like to request you to take stringent measures and stern step to improve the conditions.

Hoping to see some drastic changes with your co-operation. Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Manmohan Nanda.


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