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Letter regarding bribery

Letter regarding bribery

June 15, 2003


The Concerned Authority,

Intelligence Bureau,

New Delhi.


This is strictly for your information and this might come as shocking. On June 7, 2003, I lodged an FIR against a miscreant who had been disturbing me and of late started threatening me with dire consequences. The complaint was lodged at Vasant Kunj Police Station. After the FIR was lodged, some constables (numbering three) came to my residence and after initial discussion, asked for some money. When I enquired as to why they needed the money, they laughed and made it clear that if I handed them Rs. 5,000 (Five Thousand only), they would take care of the local hoodlum, whose name is John. If I failed to part with the said amount, then they will be helpless. Coming from the people who are termed as “Protectors of Law”, this is simply apalling. If such a thing could happen to a person like me who is financially comfortable, come to think of those who are in a lesser place financially. I have asked those constables to come on June 12, 2003, so that your department can catch them red-handed and instill fear among such social brokers. Looking forward to an early action.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Sanjay Mopal


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