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Letter of Agreement Template, complete agreement letters example.

Letter of Agreement Template

This letter would be addressed to a candidate to join the organization and accept the terms and conditions laid the joining letter specified at the time of interview with the interviewer. This would indicate the date of joining, post, dept., package, payroll and rules and regulations briefed up.


Mr. Narayan Salelkar

MNC Corporation


2nd December, 2011

Subject: Format of Letter of Agreement Template

Dear Mr. Narayan,

With reference to the above subject; as a representative of ABC Corporation, we would like to express gratitude to you for your company’s munificent contribution of the said 7 Fifty One Thousand directing towards our ABC Corporation to economically backup for the award honoured in the name of your founder of the organization. This letter of agreement will endow with our contracted terms in relation to the above said award in our jubilee celebrations.

As per the other clause, during the jubilee celebration event, we will acquaint your company as sponsor and will be allowed to use the name and logo of company without reimbursing any royalty. Further to embark, your company has no rights other than the like sponsor rights set forth in the letter of agreement and set aside the sole judgement to use the company logo in our advertising activities. Do correspond for .your confirmation at earliest.

Yours Sincerely

Signed for ABC Corporation


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