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Example of “Circular to save electricity.”

Circular to save electricity.

January 22, 2003

In response to the nationwide campaign initiated by the Ministry of Energy, it has been decided by the management to implement the following strictures regarding the conservation of energy in the office:

(a) Staff must ensure that all electrical appliances like lights, fans, and coolers should be switched off when they vacate their respective offices/cabins/departments. The men on duty should switch off the mains to prevent any electricity consumption from going to waste.

(b) Simultaneously, no officer or manager should use air conditioner for a period of 10 days w.e.f. March 7, 2003, so that there is an adequate supply of power to the various departments and no additional burden is put on the generator.

It is sincerely hoped that all staff members as well as the executive will abide by this circular, which should be treated as most urgent.


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