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Dos and Don’ts of While You Write Business Letters

Dos and Don’ts of While You Write Business Letters

A business letter is meant to convey any number of non-personal business transactions, including negotiations, contract agreements, and questions regarding services or to arrange meetings.

You may also need to write a business letter to promote your business, share updated information or communicate with vendors. Creating a business letter is a rather simple process, provided you tallow a few simple tips. Remember that business letters are more formal than a personal letter and that certain rules should he followed.

Most importantly, learn the basic format of a business letter. Once you learn the basic format, preparing the letter is easier.

Generally, business letters are printed on letterhead, a preprinted paper with the senders address and name or company name.

The letter begins at the top center of the page with the sender’s name and address, followed by a formal greeting for the recipient. This will set a business-like professional tone for the letter. Always place the date the letter was written a few lines under the senders name and address on the letterhead. Dates of communication can become quite important in business transactions, so don’t leave out the date.

Skip two lines and add your salutation. It’s important to use the recipient’s formal name, and refer to them as Ms., Mrs., or Mr., not just by their first name alone. Using a first name in a personal letter is fine, but in business, it’s best to be formal. Follow the greeting with a comma, although many people use a colon, which is fine as well.

The main body of your letter is next. Skip two. Lines after the salutation and begin your letter. Use an indent at the beginning of each paragraph.

The body of your letter is meant to communicate clearly the matter at hand. Keep the discussion short and to the point. Try to be as clear as possible when asking questions or sharing information. Throughout the body of the letter, remember to keep a formal, business-like tone.

The letter is ended by using a complimentary close, a friendly and sincere closing greeting. Skip two lines after writing the body of the letter and write your close. In a business letter, the more common closings include ‘sincerely yours’, or “regards’.

Format your signature by skipping 4-6 lines and signing by hand. Many people today sign letters in blue ink to differentiate between a copy of a letter and an original. Be sure to address the envelope properly as well, using either the recipient’s name or company name.

Here are some. dos and don’ts of writing effective business letters

  • Remember to use formal language and avoid any typographical errors.
  • Start the letter with a friendly opening.
  • State your reason for writing a business letter.
  • Always have an idea to whom you are writing.
  • Specify necessary details like time, date venue etc.
  • Be to the point and straight forward.
  • Write the letter with a polite tone but avoid being overtly personal.
  • Keep the letter short and concise and with specific details.
  • Do not write long introductions and unnecessary statement.
  • Check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid usage of slangs or messaging language as that does not indicate professionalism.
  • Cut useless words, needless information, and stale phrases.
  • Use familiar words, short sentences and paragraphs, and a simple conversational style.
  • Write as if you were talking to the reader, and be as friendly as possible.
  • If possible the business letter should not be hand written and should be typed as it looks more professional and the letters are visible.
  • Close the letter by thanking the person for their time and consideration.


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