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Character Reference Sample Letter, complete letter of Reference example.

Character Reference Sample Letter

A character reference letter is a kind of letter that states a recommendation for a person. The letter states the positive traits and excellent characters that the recommended person acquire suitable for the next position he is applying for in a certain company.


Navin Jain

Street No. 41

MG Road, Ahmedabad

28th September, 2011

To whom it may concern

It is with great pleasure to highly recommend Mr. Rajesh Surya whom I have met and known for the past four years at the same time as he worked in our company as sales man.

Mr. Rajesh is-a very sincere, enthusiastic, and a hard working person. On various instances he proved his loyalty, trust worthiness, and honesty. To quote an instance from the many, while he was working in our company, a very competitive company tried to unprofessionally influence him to received essential information from him. He didn’t reject their offer however he brought the matter to the apprehensive authorities, who was able to take an immediate legal action.

His cheerful and friendly nature and positive attitude has earned his special place among his group and has been awarded as the Most Friendly Person for his four years of stay in your formal and informal gatherings. His compassionate and kind nature came out in a very prepared approach to take in some kind of community service which is organized. This is with great pride and pleasure I recommend Mr. Rajesh Surya.


Sincerely Yours

Navneet Sethi


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