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Banker’s intimation to the importer.

Banker’s intimation to the importer.

Jan. 16, 2003


The Director Purchase,

Delhi Plastics Ltd.,

32/1 Wazirpur Indl. Area, Delhi.


This is to inform your goodself, that we are holding a D/P Bill issued in your name from M/s. Kazakusha & Co., Tokyo. This in respect to your order for 5 Nos. of Plastic Designing Machines that you have bought from them. The Invoice amount is for Rs. 88 lacs and the bank commission thereon is Rs. 80,000. You are requested to make an arrangement for the aforementioned amount and to take the delivery of the documents within 30 days. You can also avail of our special service to foreign trade customers in the matter of clearing the goods. Kindly let us know by the earliest post whether you wish us to arrange for the clearing of these machines from Mumbai harbour and store them in a duty-paid warehouse.

Your early reply is awaited for helping us clearing the goods.

Yours Sincerely,

State Bank of India

Exim Division, Delhi


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