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Precis Writing Solved Exercise for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Classes, Competitive Exams, Solved Precis 16

Precis No. 16

We stand at the end of an era and the threshold of a new period of history. Standing on this watershed which divides two epochs of human history and endeavour, we can look back on your long past and look forward to the future that is taking shape before our eyes. Asia, after a long period of quiescence has suddenly become important again in world affairs. If we view the millennia of history this continent of Asia with which Egypt has been intimately connected in cultural fellowship, has played a mighty role in the evolution of humanity. It was here that civilization began and man started on his unending adventure of life. Here the mind of man searched unceasingly for truth and the spirit of man shone out like a beacon which lighted up the whole world.

This dynamic Asia from which great streams of culture flowed in all directions gradually became static and unchanging. Other people and other continents came to the force and with their new dynamism spread out and took possession of great part of the world. This mighty continent became just a field for the rival imperialisms of Europe, and Europe became the center of history and progress in human affairs. A change is coming over the scene now and Asia is again finding herself. We live in a tremendous age of transition and already the next stage takes shape when Asia takes her rightful place with the continents.


Solved Precis 

Title : Resurgent Asia

Precis : This is the age of transition. It is marked by the resurgence of Asia, once the cradle of civilization and the fountain-head of culture. Asia had in the past produced great seekers after truth, but her immediate past has been one of stagnation and of exploitation by the western imperialists. The eclipse of Asia is once again emergence of Europe, it has now passed into history. Asia is once again asserting herself. She is destined to find her rightful place among the continents of the world.


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