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List of Single Words Substitutes For Long Phrases for effective Precis Writing for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Exams

Single Words Substitutes For Long Phrases

You may substitute single words for phrases and clauses. For instance:

  1. In that place (there)
  2. To be of no avail (useless)
  3. In what place (where)
  4. To draw a conclusion (infer, conclude)
  5. In what manner (how)
  6. In this way (thus)
  7. At the present time (now)
  8. In a short times (soon)
  9. At the same time (simultaneously)

Following are some examples where a group of words can be replaced by a single word:

  1. A day of rest from labour : holiday.
  2. A disease that spreads over a large area : epidemic.
  3. A hater of mankind : misanthrope.
  4. A house which is visited by ghosts : haunted.
  5. A man living in a country of which he is not a citizen : alien; foreigner.
  6. A place of good climate for the sick : sanatorium.
  7. A place where birds and beasts are kept for exhibition : zoo.
  8. A place where historical finds are kept : museum.
  9. A post for which no salary is paid : honorary.
  10. A roundabout way of writing and speaking : circumlocution.
  11. A speech without any preparation : extempore.
  12. A style full of words : verbose.
  13. According to law : legal.
  14. Actuated by greed of money : mercenary.
  15. At the same time : simultaneously.
  16. Born after father’s death : posthumous.
  17. Both long and dull : monotonous.
  18. Contrary to law : illegal.
  19. Fit to be chosen : eligible.
  20. Government of the people, by the people, for the people : democracy.
  21. Land that does not grow anything : barren.
  22. One who is present everywhere : omnipresent.
  23. One who is all-powerful : omnipotent.
  24. One who is eighty years old : octogenarian.
  25. One who is one hundred years old : centenarian.
  26. One who knows everything : omniscient.
  27. One who is unable to pay debts : insolvent.
  28. One who is difficult to please : fastidious.
  29. Land that grows things in abundance ; fertile.
  30. One who is appointed by parties to settle disputes : arbitrator.
  31. One who believe in fate : fatalist.
  32. One who breaks into a house to steal : burglar.
  33. One who attacks first : aggressor.
  34. One who does not believe in God : atheist.
  35. One who does good to mankind : philanthropist, altruist.
  36. One who eats too much : glutton.
  37. One who feeds on vegetable : vegetarian.
  38. One who eats meat : non-vegetarian.
  39.  One who has narrow religious view : bigot.
  40. One who looks at the dark side of things : pessimist.
  1. One who lives at the same time with others : contemporary.
  2. One who holds share in the company : shareholder.
  3. One who plans to destroy all government : anarchist.
  4. One who plays for love : amateur.
  5. One who plays for money : professional.
  6. One who saves money by starving one self : miser.
  7. One who is suffering from nervous disorder : neurotic.
  8. One who speaks for others :spokesman.
  9. One who speaks for languages : bilingual
  10. One who talks in sleep : somniloquist.
  11. One’s who walks in sleep : somnambulist.
  12. One who wastes money for luxury : extravagant.
  13. One’s life story written by one’s ownself : autobiography.
  14. Something that cannot be solved : mystery.
  15. Stealing from the writing of others : Plagiarism.
  16. The act of speaking loudly one’s thoughts when alone : Soliloquy.
  17. The first public speech : Maiden Speech.
  18. Government by one man : Dictatorship, monarchy.
  19. The murder of one’s own self : Suicide.
  20. The place where clothes are kept : Wardrobe.
  21. The practice of having one wife : Monogamy.
  22. The practice of marrying more than one wife at a time : Polygamy.
  23. The state of having two wives or husbands at a time : Bigamy.
  24. The state of being without a wife : Celibacy.
  25. That which cannot be consumed by fire : Incombustible.
  26. That which cannot be avoided : Inevitable, unavoidable.
  27. That which cannot be corrected or reformed : Incorrigible.
  28. That which cannot be explained : Inexplicable.
  29. That which cannot be seen : Invisible.
  30. That which cannot be divided : Indivisible.
  31. That which cannot be blotted : Indelible.
  32. That which cannot be doubted : Indisputable.
  33. That which cannot be cured : Incurable.
  34. That which cannot be changed Irrevocable.
  35. That which cannot be believed : Incredible.
  36. That which cannot be hurt : Invulnerable.
  37. That which cannot be heard : Inaudible.
  38. That which can be seen through : Transparent.
  39. That which is easily kindled : Inflammable.
  40. That which can be understood : Intelligible
  41. That which ends in death : Fatal.
  42. That without which one cannot do : Indispensable.
  43. That which never fails : Infallible.
  44. Those who work in the same office : Colleagues.
  45. Done without compulsion : Voluntary.
  46. To be not in use : Obsolete.
  47. To be of one opinion in a matter : Unanimous.
  48. To be loud enough to be heard : Audible.
  49. To make something look larger : Magnify.
  50. Humorous use of word to suggest different meaning : pun.
  51. Want of rain : Drought.
  52. Without the name of the writer : Anonymous.
  53. Without payment : Gratis.
  54. Without life : Inanimate .
  55. To be postponed without fixing a date : Sine die.
  56. Unexpected good fortune : Windfall.


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