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Letter of Condolence “To a Friend, Death of his Father”

To a Friend, Death of his Father

My dear Vijay,

I received the letter, announcing the death of your father, this morning. Since last Friday when you warned me that his strength was weakening. What a grand old gentleman he was ! I shall always regard it as an honour and a privilege to have known ham. Many times have I turned to him for counsel and he was always willing, from the rich experience that long life had granted him, to help me. I feel , as will many others , that I have lost a counselor and friend.

I distinctly remember the occasion when he retired from his post  at the Council Officers nearly twenty years ago now. He spoke of looking forward to years of happy. Yet I suppose he was one of the busiest men until almost the very end. He could never be idle.

During these days of sad bereavement I believe your sorrow will be tempered by the knowledge that his life has not only been long but that is has been abundantly useful. He enjoyed the respect and affection of all who knew him.

As you mourn him, it will be the mourning of a proud son at the loss of a noble father whom to know was to esteem.

With sincere sympathies,

Yours affectionate friend,



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