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Information Technology (402 and 462) Vocational IT NSQF Class 10 Question Paper download.


Summative Assessment 

Information Technology (402/462)

Class X – 2015-16


General Instructions :

  1. Read the question paper carefully.
  2. Question paper is divided into four sections :

Section A – Multiple choice questions           (1 mark each)                       

Section B – Very Short Answer                         (2 mark each)                       

Section C – Short Answer                                  (2mark each)                        

Section D- Long Answer                                     (4mark each)

  • All questions are compulsory.
  1. Question paper contains 15 questions.
  2. The maximum time allowed is 2


Section A:                                                                              1X10=10


Q1.      I………..tennis every Sunday morning.


  1. playing
  2. play
  3. am playing
  4. am play


Q2.      Don’t make so much noise. Noriko………..to study for her ESL test!


  1. try
  2. tries
  3. tried
  4. is trying


Q3.      Sorry, she can’t come to the phone. She………..a bath!


  1. is having
  2. having
  3. have
  4. has


Q4.      ……….many times every winter in Frankfurt.


  1. It snows
  2. It snowed
  3. It is snowing
  4. It is snow


Q5.      How many students in your class ….. from Korea?

  1. comes
  2. come
  3. came
  4. are coming


Q6.      Babies ……. when they are hungry.

  1. cry
  2. cries
  3. cried
  4. are crying


Q7.      Jane ………her blue jeans today, but usually she wears a skirt or a dress.

  1. wears
  2. wearing
  3. wear
  4. is wearing



Q8.      I think I ….. a new calculator. This one does not work properly any more.

  1. needs
  2. needed
  3. need
  4. am needing



Q9.      Sorry, you can’t borrow my pencil. I….. it myself.

  1. was using
  2. using
  3. use
  4. am using


Q10.    The phone ……… Can you answer it, please?

  1. rings
  2. ring
  3. rang
  4. is ringing



Section B:                                                                                        2X5=10

  1. Write a short note on Internet History.
  2. Explain the meanings of .com .edu  .org  .in  .
  3. What is Modem, Explain two types of Modems?
  4. Why we need internet security?
  5. How to sent an e-mail, write all steps.


Section C:                                                                                        3X2=6

  1. What is E-mail, write brief note on E-mail
  2. Why we need MS Power Point? Write 10 Advantages of MS Power Point.
  3. How to insert an image in Power Point document?


Section D:                                                                                        1X4=4

  1. What do you mean by Internet? Write five advantages and disadvantages of internet.



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