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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Metro Train for Delhi” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Delhi Metro


Metro Train for Delhi

Essay No. 01

The project of Delhi Metro is sure to change the existing state of transport. The idea of Metro train in Delhi is not a new, in fact the idea was brought into consideration about some fifty years back, but the bureaucracy red—tapism made it to take a such a long period to some into reality. However in December 26, 2002, people of Delhi got the first ride in this much awaited dream train.

    The people of Delhi are happy with the service rendered by the Metro because now they have an alternate to the suffocatingly and ill-managed packed blue line buses and the inadequate service of D.T.C and C.N.G buses. With the Metro option, the passengers are not only save from the inconvenience of the road transport, but they also experience a world class service at very affordable fares. Metro train same like a warm sunshine on a foggy morning.

    With the start of Metro, the burden on the roads reduced. People of Delhi won’t have to wait for the buses for the long time. It saves the valuable time and money too. The coaches of Metro are fully air-conditioned. Another outstanding feature of the netro is that it is very useful for handicapped. The speed of Metro Rails is good enough to meet the needs of growing population in Delhi. It also saves the people from population of vehicles.

     The construction work of the Delhi Metro is on at a considerable pace and it is hoped that the people of other areas in Delhi will soon be able to avail of this amazingly comfortable train service. It is foreseen by many that at the completion of this project, Delhi will have a better train facility than even Japan and North Korea, the countries which provided the present metro trains to India.


Essay No. 02


Delhi Metro Train

The Delhi Metro was started on 24th December 2002.

It has become the second underground rapid transit system in India, after Kolkata but Delhi Metro has a combination of elevated, at-grade and underground lines.

It has won numerous environmentally friendly awards from many reputed organisations including the United Nations, RINA, and ISO.

It was the first metro rail in the world to be ISO 14001 certified for its environmentally friendly construction.

Delhi Metro is a pride of Delhi. Now other states government are seeking Delhi Metro help to increase its lines to other states cities.


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