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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Rainy Day in summer” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Rainy Day in summer

 Essay No. 01

A Rainy day in summer is a great blessing for all living creature. It given great relief and comfort in the scorching heat of summer. It is eagerly awaited by all and sundry.

     Last year June, 21 was the hottest day of the year. The earth seemed to be burning. The heat was scorching. The sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky. People were perspiring from head to foot. They longed for rain. Even birds and animals gasped for breath. The blazing hear of the sun was unbearable. Streets and bazaars presented a deserted look.

     In the afternoon, clouds of dust spread over the sky. Soon a hot wind began to blow. It blew very hard. Many trees were uprooted. Poles fell down at some places. Electricity failed. The people, who were out, ran for shelter. The wind and the dust storm blinded their eyes. There was dusty and dust everywhere.

     Just after half an hour’s howling and hissing of the wind the clouds thundered and lightening flashed. At first, there was drizzling for some time. Then it rained heavily. Dust settled down. The streets and roads were flooded with water.

    After an hour, the rain stopped. The strong fury of the storm abated. The roads and streets became muddy and slippery. All the tanks and ponds were filled with water. A rainbow appeared in the sky. Frogs began to croak. Trees and bushes looked fresh and green. A cool breeze blew. Everyone felt easy and relieved. The weather became cool and pleasant.


Essay No. 02


A Rainy Day in summer

It is usually very hot in plains in north India during the summer season. So, rain is always welcome in this season.

Last Sunday, as I got up early in the morning, I found the atmosphere very stiff. In reality, it had been very hot for about one week preceding to it.

Everybody was tired of the intense heat. To my great relief, I suddenly saw a horde of dark clouds rushing in the sky. Soon, the whole sky was overcast with clouds. The clouds were thundering loudly and the lightning was flashing.

Within a few minutes, it began to drizzle which soon changed into rain. At first, there were light showers. These then changed into a heavy downpour. People who had to go out on some urgent piece of work had to take umbrellas with them. But most of the people stayed indoors.

It was raining cats and dogs in streets which were soon flooded with water. The rain-drops were pattering against the windowpanes. They sounded like stones.

The rain stopped in the afternoon. I came out of my house. I found many low lying areas flooded with rain water. Children were floating paper boats on water.

The roads had become slippery. Many people slipped while walking. Some got their ankles sprained. Some houses began to leak.

I went out of the town. I found the trees fresh and green. Birds were chirping with joy in them. A cool breeze was blowing. A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. Indeed, rain was a great boon or gift from God after a spell of intense heat.


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