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Essay on “The Value of Forests” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Value of Forests

It is rightly said that for the earth to be a healthy place, at least one third of the whole land area should be covered with forests.

Trees absorb carbon from the air in the sunlight and turn it into food for themselves. In return, they release oxygen in the air which is so essential for human and animal world. The existence of men, animals and even the plants is impossible without a fair amount of oxygen in the air. If the trees are cut down ruthlessly, the balance of oxygen in the atmosphere is disturbed and it has serious repercussions.

Trees check floods and soil erosion. In forests the dense undergrowth ensures preservation of water which gets released slowly into plains, valleys and living habitations.

A large number of wild animals also live in forests. Birds build their nests in trees. If there are no trees, the life of these birds and animals will be endangered.

Trees provide us so many things such as shade, fuel, timber for houses, wood for furniture, gum, fodder for animals, medicines etc. So many industries are based on the trees. Among them we have paper industry, match-making industry, making of wooden and cardboard boxes for packing purposes, etc. Recently, there has started the cultivation of a plant known as “diesel plant”, the oil of the seeds of which gives fuel like diesel. It is being grown in Maharashtra and Punjab.

So, trees are so essential for us. They should not be cut, but more and more trees should be grown instead.


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