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Essay on “The Kashmir problem” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Kashmir problem

 Essay No. 01

       Synopsis:  Since independence India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads on Kashmir. Pakistan has sponsored terrorism and secessionist elements in the valley.  She has fought three unsuccessful wars against India in the last 50 years on the issue.  Pakistan’s belief that Muslims cannot live as equals in Hindyu-dominent India is baseless.  India is a secular State and there are more Muslims hating in Pakistan itself.  Kashmir’s accessing to India is final and irrevocable.  Political compulsions in Islamabad oblige the leaders there to keep the issue unnecessarily alive and burning.  The US’s own interest makes the matter more complex and disturbing. It is essential that Article 370 is abrogated and Kashmir’s full integration is achieved.  There are some other imperatives which should be taken care of by the popular government immediately.

            For over 50 years there has been bitter hostility over Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Pakistan-sponsored terrorist and extremist outfits have been active of a long time in the valley coursing huge losses in terms of human lives and property.  The secessionist elements trained, armed and sneaked into Kashmir have been systematicallyarryng out sabotage, killing o innocent people, desecration of places of worship, exploding bombs and kidnapping common people and even visitors and foreign tourists.  India is a secular State and there are more Muslims in India then Pakistan. They constitute 13 per cent of the total population of the country of 970 million people.

            Political compulsion in Pakistan oblige the leaders n Islamabad to keep Kashmir issue alive and burning and it is reside again and gains in international forums and conferences of the Islamic nations inspire of the hard fact that Kashmir will remain were it has been for the seat 5 decades- in the thick of all the hype, hoopla and dispute.  The US has its own interests and does not want the issue to be us on the back burner.  She still does not recognize Kashmir as an integral part of India and insists that the issue be settled bilaterally. Washington believes that the valley is still a disputed territory between the two countries and it helps her in mandating her pressure on both the countries.

            The US has declared the Pakistan based terrorist outfit Harkatul-Ansar as terrorist organization, and the other extremist group Kashmir Liberation Front, again sponsored and supported by Islamabad, is under watch and may be soon declared a terrorist outfit by the US Administration.  This action of the US branding the Hark at as a terrorist group is although a belated one, and yet it is has gladdened the Indian establishment.  Now, Pakistan finds itself in a very embracing position as it has amply proved and highlighted the Indian contenting that Pakistan was involved in terrorist activates in India.

            There are certain political compulsions behind these firings and military skirmished.  There has been long drawn out communal violence in Pakistan resulting in thousands of deaths and destructing of property on a large scalpel The Pakistani economy has been in shambles and corruption has been boundless.  Moreover the war next door in Afghanistan threatens to enter into Pakistan.  Therefore, Pakistani rulers find it convenient to keep the LOC alive to divert the attention of the Pak public from ties own failures and bungling.  In the words of some experts the Pakistani leaders have turned the LOC into a lifeline for Pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s one onto a gene in her relation with India is that of Kashmir. 

            We should not commit the past mistakes on this sensitive and compels issue.  First we committed a serious mistake by taking the issue in the UN in the fond hope that the world community in general and super powers in particular see reason and do justice to India, the biggest democracy and a secular State. Second mistake was when we agreed to discuss the Kashmir issue under Shaman Agreement.  While discussing Kashmir with Pakistan the vacation of aggression by her input should also be raised  The Gujral doctrine, in relation to Pakistan, need not be stretched too far and should be to the teen of right response from the opposite party lest should be construed as our weakness. 


Essay No. 02


The Kashmir Problem


The State of Kashmir has always been a bone of contention, an eye sore ever since India achieved its independence. The position at that time was that, all the States that comprised India, and had been independent, had three clear options, available to them. The three options were that, either they accede to India, or accede to Pakistan. The third option was that they could remain independent of both India and Pakistan. 

While all the States did the needful the State of Kashmir took a unique turn, an eventful and an unprecedented turn. The then Prime Minister of India stated that, regarding the accession of the State of Kashmir the wishes of the people of the State would be taken into account, and not only the rules applicable to the other States. This condition gave the State of Kashmir a peculiar status which no other State had, to enjoy. This little declaration by the Prime Minister turned the tide of events for the State of Kashmir which, till today has not seen the light of an amicable solution. Taking full advantage of the declaration of the Prime Minister that, the people of Kashmir will decide their own fate, Pakistan has, all through these past fifty and odd years of independence of India been harping on the taking of an opinion poll in the State. This is so because, Kashmir has a majority population of Muslims and, Pakistan is convinced and rightly so that, if opinion is taken, the Muslim majority will most certainly vote for the option of acceding to Pakistan. In the pursuit of this view only, Pakistan has been spreading terrorism in the State and ousting the Hindu minority so that, the few non Muslim are also out of the scene of voting if the need arises.

All through these fifty years of India’s independence, Pakistan is very clearly and methodically trying to lay their claim and rightful authority over the State, whether it is with force, murder, or mischief. This means that, a little mistake in the past has caused and is causing havoc to the State and to the people of the State of Kashmir. Seeing no benefit accruing to it by small and far apart skirmishes of big and small magnitude for the last ten years Pakistan is trying to eliminate the minority of Hindus from the State by reigning terror in the State. They are training, financing and inspiring young men and sending them across the Indian border to spread fear in the State. The trainees are working under the guidance of hard-core Muslim terrorists to kill and plunder in the State. There have been talks and declarations a number of times but there seems to be no end of the continued struggle for the little State of Kashmir. 

After having dealt with the problem for fifty years, it is felt that, even to-day, the problem defies any solution, at least in the near future. The situation is in reality absolutely inflammable as, Pakistan continues to send Jehadis/ terrorists to wreak destruction in the State. The plea taken by the Jehadis is that, they are fighting for their right of freedom. India has all through these years sought to find a solution to the problem, which is amicable and mutually acceptable to all the parties involved. The latest attempt to find peace with Pakistan is the declaration of a unilateral ceasefire by India. Even to this step taken by India the Pakistani reply is not a follow up of a ceasefire by them but with guns and shells. 

To this sort of a situation where both parties to the struggle have their own styles of functioning, all solutions seem to obstruct any results. The policy of ’wait and watch’ can only be the keyword to the Indian policy on Kashmir, let us see when Pakistan realises the futility of a cold attitude towards its neighbour and its cold blooded revolt against India in the process of which, only innocent pe0p1e are killed, kidnapped and hacked to death. The net result of all this being a big zero we remain as is where is even after fifty years of attempting for a solution.

With this situation remaining for so long a period, it does not appeal to any reason that, relations of the two neighbours will ever improve. The relations are keeping on moving down the ladder of discontent and suspicion of each other, and there is nothing just nothing achieved.


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