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Essay on “Terrorism” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Essay No: 01

Terrorism is actual or threatened use of violence for political goals, directed not only against the victims themselves but also against larger, related groups, of a scope often transcending national boundaries. The term usually implies action by non-governmental groups, or by irregular or secret units, operating outside the usual parameters of warfare and sometimes aiming to foment revolution. The origins of the terrorist wave that began in the 1960s can be traced to the unresolved Middle-East conflict between the Arab nations and Israel.

There is some guy saying that his people suffer from exploitation and racism, that they are consequently being discriminated against by outsiders of a certain kind, and that, in order for his people to survive and retake their rightful place in history, it needs violence and resistance against the oppressors, namely the Jews and their cousin America, and with them the entire Western world. Actually, there isn’t just one guy of that kind. There are plenty, and there have been plenty of them in the past. One of them is named Adolf Hitler, who claimed to be fighting for the future of the German race, the other is Osama bin Laden, who claims to be fighting for the future of the Islamic world. Recruited young men, brainwashed them, made them terrorise their own people until they would get the power they wanted. In the world of the first one, to unleash infinite havoc, it was necessary that he take over a state, namely Germany, to carry out his crimes. In the world of the second one, terrorism on a grand scale is sufficient, for there would be weak states his people could extort to help him, or middle-sized powers who would work for the same aims and use the same kind of ideology. Both would denigrate women and reduce them to their biological identity, both would be deeply totalitarian, ultra-violent and depriving their people of any kind of education. The name for such a movement is fascism. Funnily, or rather, outrageously, the second guy is somehow rated differently than the first guy. How come? Because he would be from the Third World that is constantly exploited by the colonialist-imperialist-capitalist-zionist-orientalist-crusaderist cultureless West? Because we should sympathize with the plight of the Palestinian people? Contrary to him, the West indeed sympathizes with the Palestinians, as can be seen by constant attempts at negotiation. H though, he doesn’t. Why should he. They are just rhetorical cannon fodder, victims of people of his kind, and the kind of Yasser Arafat. Contrary to him, the West indeed has a guilty conscience, not entirely without reason, but also not entirely with much of it either. But that’s a different and more complicated story. Unlike America and Europe, terrorists are not interested in achieving peace; they’re not interested in providing a better Life for their peoples. Arafat clearly prioritizes war against Israel over the welfare of his people. Saddam prioritized his megalomaniacal attempts at regional dominance over the fate of his people, who were dying during so-called peace time not due to the sanctions regime but due to the reign of a dictator belonging to the fascist Ba’ath party who couldn’t care less about his people. Bin Laden has worked to destabilize countries like Bosnia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia, violating not just the interests of their people but also the heart of Islam. Bin Laden is as much a Muslim as Hitler has been a Christian or the Soviets have been communist.

It is not the so-called West that constitutes an enemy of the Islamic countries. It is the fascist movement of the likes of Bin Laden, it is regional dictators, it is terrorists movements like Al Aqsa, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and the likes. Why? Because they have equated political aims with violence and reduced the other to an enemy that can be killed whenever, wherever, however for no other reason than that they are different (which is the essence of both racism and fascism). Terrorism ridicules the political aims it may have sprung from, taking hostage the cause and negating its justification, be it in Palestine, Northern Ireland, the Basque country, Kurdistan or wherever. Bin Laden and those he stands for have already succeeded in finding wilful servants within the so-called West and the so-called Third World who are proliferating the all-time favourite weapons of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Americanism.


Essay No. 02


Terrorism can best be defined as the systematic use of terror in a variety of ways as a means of gaining the desires by force. In consequence, there is a growing sense of insecurity all round and danger seems to lurk at almost every step in countries where there are specific causes for unrest, local, regional or international.

Terrorism in not confined to any single state, country or region. It has now become an international phenomenon. If there is conventional attack or invasion, governments concerned can meet it effectively. But terrorism and sabotage from within are such nasty things that they do not admit of any satisfactory preventive measure. People are viewing a cinema show in the hall and suddenly a bomb goes off leaving all the adult members of a whole family dead. People are going on a holiday from one station to another with rosy dreams of good times ahead. Suddenly a drama is enacted in mid-air. If the worst does not happen in mid-air, the plane may soon land in an unfriendly country exposing the passengers aboard and their folks back home to untold misery. In short, death is lurking at the most unlikely places, holding the whole communities, states and nations to ransom.

Why do the terrorists strike, and what do they gain from their acts of cold cruelty ? The answer is very simple. The terrorists strike out of desperation and they gain nothing at all. On the other hand, they lose a lot. They get a bad name not only for themselves but also for the group, community, organisation to which they belong. They act out of desperation.

It is an unfortunate fact that even in the Independent India, atrocities continue to be inflicted on innocent people by the Police and other law enforcing agencies. Quite a few young men participating in routine political activity organised by a cross-section of organisations are killed in the various parts of the country in the so-called ‘encounters’. It is very often argued on behalf of the terrorists that, when the custodians of law begin to kill innocent persons in cold blood in fake encounters, and redress against such atrocities is not available anywhere, what else can their relatives and friends do to quench the thirst of revenge ?

Almost every sensible person in India, irrespective of his affiliation, condemns terrorism straightaway and honestly believes that it serves no purpose. But at the same time, almost everybody believes that in the third world countries terrorist activity is in the nature of retaliation against the State terrorism. In these countries a nexus is easily established between the habitual criminals, smugglers and upstart politicians. Sometimes criminals themselves put on the grab of politicians and spoil the body politic of the nation. These people unscrupulously use the state machinery for their personal gains and use brutal government force to settle their personal scores or simply to teach a lesson to their political rivals. Under a totally corrupted system, the victims of such high-handed action cannot secure redress anywhere by any means. It is felt that such frustrated persons in utter desperation take to the gun. The rule of late Idi Amin in Uganda is often quoted as a classic example of how power turns the heads of the political upstarts, and to what extent such people can go for the abuse of that power. When the life of the victims of such blatant abuse of power becomes meaningless and they find no difference between life and death, they resort to terrorism in the false hope that in this way they can, at least, hope to meet a glorious end. But they are mistaken and, therefore, here too they are beaten. A terrorist is no match for the might of the modern organised State machinery. Therefore, terrorists generally meet a very tragic end. Sometimes they have even to commit suicide.

The only way to stop terrorism is that those in authority should understand their responsibility and see to it that all sections of the society are actually treated equally before law and enjoy equal protection of the laws of the land. People who help the rulers to stay in power by extending to them their support in and outside the legislature should not be allowed to arrogate to themselves the sovereign power of the State for the furtherance of their personal interests. If all citizens are really treated equal and are able to secure redress of their grievances through constitutional methods, nobody would like to risk his own life and the lives of his near and dear ones in the foolish adventure of terrorism.

The menace of terrorism, by no means unfamiliar to the preceding generations, has assumed grave proportion in recent years. There can be no doubt that terrorism is the ugliest face of the political dissent anywhere. However laudable the cause for which the terrorists may be fighting, their way of fighting is most treacherous and cowardly. The murder of innocent persons and the destruction of public property cannot be condoned for any reason whatsoever. Terrorism is a phenomenon which must be condemned universally and unequivocally.


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