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Essay on “Rajghat” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Rajghat is a sacred place on the right bank of the Jamuna near Delhi. Here stands the Samadhi of Gandhiji, the Father of the Nation. It was the sacred dust of this place to which the more sacred dust of  a great Mahatma was consigned on the 31st Jan. 1948. Ever since the place has become a place of pilgrimage.

Gandhiji was one of the greatest leaders of mankind. He was a prophet like the Buddha, Mohammad or Christ. It was through his efforts that India won her freedom. He gave us the message of truth and non violence. He was a great friend of the poor. He loved Harijans and left no stone unturned to better their condition. He was against untouchability and did his best to abolish it. Being a great supporter of communal unity, he was loved equally by all.

Rajghat brings to the mind the champion info the poor masses. He represented the best in Indian life. He used everything made in India. He was a lover of Khadi and cottage Industries. Every day he spun yarn on the spinning wheel. He wanted every Indian to spin daily for some time and to use things made in India. Thus he wanted to remove the poverty 90f the Indian masses.

After the Indian Independence, which led to partition of the country there were great riots. A crazy fellow killed Gandhiji while he was addressing a prayers gathering at Birla House in New Delhi on the evening of the 30th Jan. 1948. The whole national was plunged into grief. His dead body was cremated at Raj hat the next day. The last rites were attended by more than three million people.

Rajghat has become not only a great historical place worth seeing but  a place of pilgrimage for all the peace loving people the world. Rajghat has a big quadrangle with a square samzadhji in the centre. The quadrangle has been beautifully carpeted with green Russian grass bordered within beds of multi colored flowers. It world come to see this place. It is the greatest national treasure which Delhi can proudly boast of. In times to come a light may go out from Rajgat for the building up of a world based on truth and non violence.


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