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Essay on “Nuclear War” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Nuclear War

Only a mad man will think of nuclear war. But the bitter truth is that there can, indeed, be some mad men who wield power in the world. Thus, we had Hitler. It cannot be denied that if Hider had atom bombs, he would have destroyed the whole world and “shut the doors on mankind” as he and his aides used to assert during the Second World War.

The diabolical episode of 9/11 did take place and if the concerned terrorists had an atom bomb, they would have used it. So, the most dangerous thing is that the nuclear weapons can one day fall in the hands of terrorists.

At present, it is estimated and that perhaps correctly, that the most dangerous flash point in the world for the start of the nuclear war is the Indian subcontinent where India and Pakistan, both nuclear powers, are at loggerheads with each other.

God forbid, if the nuclear war takes place in any part of the world, the whole world will automatically be engulfed in it because of the oneness of the atmosphere and the rotation of the earth.

Such a war would cause untold destruction and misery. The buildings and crops would be engulfed in flames of fire. The human, animal and plant life will be destroyed on a large scale. Mankind may even get annihilated.

After the war there would be eternal winter. Those who survive would die of cold, starvation and radiation. If still some people survive, they would have to face a miserable fate. They would get incurable diseases such as cancer because of radiation and thus they would die by inches facing a situation of life-in-death.  


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