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Essay on “Myself” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Essay No. 01

It is very easy to say something about others and even to pass one’s  comments on their activities, good or bad. But it is very difficult to say  anything about oneself. It is because if one talks highly of oneself, one  will be dubbed as an egoist. If one talks lowly of oneself, one may be  disparaged as one suffering from inferiority complex.

 This, however, does not pester a man of truth such as Mahatma  Gandhi was. A man of truth remains unaffected by praise or censure.  The concern of such a man is to speak the truth whatever others may  think of him.

I find a trap even here. It is hard even to call oneself a man of truth  as even that would amount to. being one fond of self-praise or self-flattery. To assert again, a real man of truth is not bothered even by  such considerations.

My name is Prem Prakash. My friends call me ‘Love Light’. This actually started as a reaction against my own assertion about my best  friend, Surya Prakash, whom I nicknamed ‘Sun Light’.

My father’s name is Pandit Ved Prakash. He is a renowned  astrologer of the town. Some youngsters who are not amenable to any  advice or manners, even call me Jyotshi ka putra, that is, the son of an  astrologer. I don’t know what is their grouse against my father being  an astrologer ? But that may be for my good. I have thus realized that  in this age of science, astrologers are actually deprecated and denigrated.  The adults generally do not-speak the truth, but you cannot compel  children to withhold the truth as they feel and hear. So, I have decided  not to become an astrologer in my life at any cost. I have never told  my father this fact lest he should give up his profession and then we’ll  have to starve.

I read in 9th class in A.K. Convent School, Bassi. I’m a brilliant student as far as studies are concerned but I’m weak physically. Now, I’m giving attention to this aspect and have started taking part in games. My hobby is stamp-collecting. I want to be a school teacher. As I’m fond of books I want to grow intellectually while teaching the students to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. My greatest attention is directed to evolution of my character and personality. 2. My Family

My family comprises of four members. These members are my mother, my father, my brother, and myself. My father is a doctor in the local government hospital. He is an M.D. in medicine. He is a heart specialist. He is very gentle and kind. He is very sympathetic to the patients. He listens to their problems attentively. He tries to prescribe the best medicine for them. He does not accept bribe from anybody. My mother is a school teacher. She teaches English and Hindi in the local government primary school. She is very sincere in her work. She holds extra classes for weak students. She also teaches the pupils the importance of character, cleanliness and hard work. She also tells them about the importance of discipline and respect to their parents and teachers. My brother’s name is Ashutosh. He is elder to me. He reads in 12th class in the local Sacred Heart Convent School. He is very intelligent and hard working. He always stands first in the class. He also takes part in sports and extracurricular activities. My name is Alka. I read in 10th class in the local DAV Public School. I am good at studies. I also often stand first in my class. I love painting and music also. I have won a number of prizes and trophies in competitions. Ours is a small happy family. I pray to God that all should have such a good family.


Essay No. 02



I am a boy. I am twelve-year-old. My name is Pankaj. My grandfather gave me this name. All the members of our family are well educated.

I live in Delhi. It is a beautiful city. It is the capital of India. My mother is a housewife and my father a serviceman.

My parents are very kind. I have a brother and a sister. My brother is younger to me by eight years, but my sister, Jyoti, is older to me.

Mahesh, Rupesh, Pinky and Hema are my cousin brothers and sisters.

My brother’s name is Ashok. We live in our own house. It is beautiful with big lawn and a small garden.

I go to school in bus. It is about 5 kms away from my house. My brother and sister also study in the same school.

It is a govt. model school. I am good at studies. I learn many things in the school. We also play games.

I have many friends. But Rahul is my best friend. He is my class-fellow. He is pretty and intelligent.

Sometimes he comes to my house. I also visit his house on holidays. His mother is a teacher. His father is doctor.

When I grow up. I want to become a teacher. This is my first and last wish to teach the students.


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