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Essay on “My Hobby” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Hobby

Essay No. 01

A hobby is an activity which is pursued in leisure time, mainly for recreation and replenishing the energy lost through work.

There are several hobbies which one may pursue, such as photography, stamp collecting, reading etc. A hobby should be pursued according to one’s nature of work and aptitude.

Certain hobbies such as photography are very expensive. Hobbies like gardening require hard physical work. Reading requires some serious intellectual exercise.

My hobby is stamp collecting. Every country in the modern world issues stamps off and on. Stamps are used to commemorate the birthday of renowned personalities of the nation, to mark some important events and so on others occasions.

            Stamps are of different colours, sizes and designs. They contain pictures of birds, persons, animals, plants, factories etc. They mention their fiscal value and sometimes dates, months and years.

            There are several philately societies concerned with the activity of stamps collecting. I’m a member of one such society known as Indian Philately Society.

            I have about five thousand postage stamps. I have arranged them in albums according to the countries belonging to different continents. I have also made a list of stamps of different kinds such as scenery, birds, animals, people, scientific inventions, and discoveries, those relating to historical and geographical spheres etc. I’m happy of my collection of stamps and very proud of them too.

Essay No. 02

Things I like to do During My Pastime

 I believe that sports play an important role in the physical and mental development of an individual and everyone should participate in sports in order to be healthy and physically fit. I consider cycling as my favourite pastime and this sport is very important to me. I believe that cycling can be regarded as one of my qualities as I have participated in different competitions and in certain cases I achieved a lot.

Cycling can be considered as my past time, but I do cycling in order to be physically fit. Furthermore, I believe in the fact that cycling helps me a lot to overcome certain personal challenges that are associated with my life. Cycling energizes a lot and vitalizes the  entire body and mind.

I believe that after cycling one can concentrate more on the studies and that is the reason why I have regarded cycling as one of the qualities. Lance Armstrong is my sporting hero and I have actually learned a lot from Lance Armstrong. This inspirational personality has actually developed my interest in cycling.

Just two hours of cycling can easily nourish your mind and it can have certain positive effects on your soul as well. Cycling can easily be related to my personal attributes and it gives a soothing effect to my entire personality and my overall outlook.


Essay No. 03

My Hobby

Hobby is something through which you can pass your free time. That’s why it is also known as pastime. Everyone has a different hobby, like singing, dancing, music, etc. My hobby or pastime is reading. I read story books, magazines, newspapers and any kind of material that I find interesting. I developed this hobby while I was a little boy. I had always wanted my parents to read fairy tales and other stories to me. However, soon they got fed up and tired of having to read to me continually. Gradually, I learned to read. I started with simple ABC books. Soon, I could read simple fairy tales and other stories. Today, I can read just about anything that is available. Reading enables me to learn about so many things that I would otherwise not know. I learned about how people lived in bygone days of magic and mystery. I learned about the wonders of the world, space travel, human achievements, gigantic whales, tiny viruses and other fascinating things of our world.

The wonderful thing about reading is that I do not have to learn things the hard way. For example, I do not have to catch a disease to know that it can make me stick to bed for days or even kill me. I know the danger so I can avoid it. Also, I do not have to go deep into the jungle to learn about the tiger. I can read all about it in a book. Books provide the readers with so much information and facts. They have certainly helped me in my daily life. I am better equipped to cope with living. Otherwise, I would go about ignorantly learning things the hard way. Reading helps me in many ways. My general knowledge has increased. I participated and won many quiz contests, science contests with the help of my hobby. It improves my grammar and vocabulary. My hobby helps me in my studies also. I always get distinctions in my subjects. So I continue to read. Besides being more informed about the world, I also spend my time profitably. It is indeed a good hobby.


Essay No. 04


My Hobby

A hobby is an interesting thing. It gives great joy. It makes life lively. It is something done in spare time. It is not done for money.

Kite-flying is my hobby. I like it very much. I have a good collection of kites. There are kites of many shapes and sizes. They are of many colours.

Kites are made of thin paper and bamboo strips, A special string is used in flying-kites it is a popular hobby. Kite-flying matches are held at the sea-beach.

On Sundays I fly kites. I do it from the top-roof of my house. It is very delightful to see kites flying in the clear, blue sky. It soothes our eyes.

Sometimes I go to the river-front with my friends. There we enjoy kite-flying. Many elderly people also come there. They are skilled kite-fliers.

Gardening is my another hobby. There is a beautiful garden in my house. I have divided this garden into two parts.

In one part I grow flowers of different varieties. I look after the plants and water them daily.

I keep the spot neat and clean. I have four plants of tomatoes in nay garden. Daily I pluck two or three tomatoes and eat them raw. They are very tasty.

My garden is very useful to me. I use my pocket-money for in hobbies.


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