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Essay on “Morning Assembly in a School” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Morning Assembly in a School

In our school the first bell goes at 7:20 a.m. It is a call for the students to go to their respective class rooms. Class teachers take the roll call of their classes in the room. L When the second bell goes, students come to eh school compound and stand in rows. The class teachers stand in front of their respective classes.

Shri G.R. Singh, our Physical Education Teacher, is very careful about discipline and proper order in the morning assembly. He blows a whistle and the students stand in prayer position. Three boys come to the platform and start the prayer. Their voice is so sweet and impressive that everybody enjoys perfect peace of mind.

When the prayer is over, our Physical Education Teacher blows a whistle. We stand at attention and sing the National Anthem. A pledge to serve our Motherland is, then taken by all the students.

After the prayer, students are asked to sit. One student appears on the platform and reads out to us important news items of the day. The news is followed by a short talk on some important topic. Both teachers and students, take part in these morning talks, Students are properly trained and encouraged by the teachers to speak in the morning assembly. Off and on, our Principal, Shri S.S. Verma, who is an impressive speaker and learned man, gives us a talk on moral subjects. Students listen to it with rapt attention. It inspires us to build our moral character.

Certain announcements are, then made by some teachers. Sometimes, the Examination In charge announces the programmers for various tests. At another time, the Physical Education Teacher informs the students about evening games or NCC parades.

All this is followed by a programmed of mass P.T. Students are trained to do different exercises to the tune of gramophone records. It is quite an impressive show. Students, in school uniform one in the service of their motherland.


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