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Essay on “Information Technology” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Information Technology

Information Technology’ comprises computers, telecommunications, television, and audio-visual media. Development of software etc. Computer is the major segment of Information Technology which has permeated and grasped every sphere of existence of human society and become indispensable. The present day elegance, accuracy, become indispensable. The present day elegance, accuracy, sophistication, efficiency could have been made possible only with the invention of computers. Computers software’s are gradually becoming and decisive force in making important decisions. It has become the basis of modern scientific and technology inventions and researches.

IT has played an important role in making the Indian economy run at a much faster pace. Recent studies conducted by leading IT associations and business intelligence concern have shown that our country will require millions of IT professionals in the coming years. The world of computers, telecommunication, televisions, the internet and all other audio and visual media is facing rapid and radical changes presently. This has generated infinite and unimaginable new opportunities in education communication, commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, leisure an entertainment and more particular the service sector. The emerging IT enabled service (ITES) segment has shown tremendous and revenues of jobs for the IT professional. It is a worthwhile to not that during the last 20 years , the IT industry’s present trend reflect more than 20 times increase in ITES-BP segments. 

Information technology can contribute tremendously in the economic development particularly rural area. It can become a prudent pooling intriguing the nation the remit localities that have so far feeling a sense of neglect, will be feeling of development. With computer education made compulsory from primary and middle level, we can hope and aspire that within next few years, India will become more interrogated and more economically robust.


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