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Essay on “India is a World Power” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India is a World Power


Emergence of a Vibrant India


India of the Future


India of Your Dreams


India in 2020


   When Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the President of India took over as the President, he gave to the people of India a vision, a dream of India in 2020.  He foresaw an India that would lead the world not only in the fields of science and technology but in all other fields also.  Swami Vivekananda, the great India saint had declared more than a hundred years ago that India would rise to its full stature and glory and lead the world in all spheres—spiritual or material.  That dream of the people of India appears to be coming to its fulfillment whenever one casts a glance over the big strides India is taking in all fields, especially that of knowledge through information technology.

                India is now in race to be recognized as a world power in the next few years. In the field of space programme, India took a big jump on May 5, 2005 with the successful launch of the 44-metre tall four-stage Polar satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV –C6 from the Indian spaceport at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.  This has place India on a stage where it can now receive launch orders from other countries.

                The Indian IT industry is already leaving several countries behind. There are more than 600,000 persons working in the Indian IT industry responsible for creating a wealth to the tune of 16 billion dollars.  India is going to take bigger strides and touch the 50 billion dollar mark in the export of software soon.  The ‘on-line’ is becoming the in-line in every Indian home and the day is not far when every Indian village panchayat will be fully computerized.

                Indian immigrants in USA are the richest amongst the immigrants.  According to reliable estimates, there are some two lakh millionaires of Indian origin in USA alone.  The size of the Indian entrepreneur market in the Silicon Valley alone comprises 200,000 people.  It is only because of their hard work, perseverance and dedication to duty that the people of India are finding a place of pride in the fields of technology, health and corporate business all over the world.  Anybody can be proud of Indian firms like the Mittal Steel Corporation which now operates in 14 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA.

                Gone are the days when our leaders used to go to the advanced countries with a begging bowl for aid and expertise.  The roles appear to be reversed now.  India is now in a position to help several countries with money as well as expertise in several fields.  The Delhi Metro and the Konkan Rail Project are being looked upon as the best project comparable to any such project anywhere in the world.  Several countries are already trying to replicate the Delhi Metro model and are approaching India for the purpose.  Projects like the Golden Quardrilateral and the linking of rivers in the country will certainly revolutionize in the infrastructure in the country within the next ten years.

                Only a little while ago, Henry Kissinger, the former US Secretary of State eulogized India as a global power and backed India’s candidature for permanent membership of the UN Security Council.

                There is no doubt that the country has changed beyond recognition during the last 50 years.  India and Indian products are now becoming synonymous with quality and durability all over the world.  That is why the Indian export figures and jumping higher and higher every year.

                India is certainly on the march.  It is going to be a different India in the year 2020.  It is going to be an India of our dreams, an India that can hold its head high in the comity of nations.  Once again India will occupy the seat of a jagadguru in the world.


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