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Essay on “India in 21 Century” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India in 21 Century

Essay No. 01

The twentieth century is about to come to its end. We are making preparations for the 21st century which is expected to come after one year. Now it is right time to think what will be the position of India in the 21st century.

We presume that India will surely occupy an important position in the world in the new century. World will recognize her as the leader or torch- bearer of Asia.

Every country in the world will try to have friendly relations with India. She will have good relations with our neighbouring countries.  Indo- Pak relations will improve and there will be free trade and communication between these two countries. India and China will succeed in settling their border disputes in the coming century and both will have very good relations with each other. The new century will see India and Sri Lanka as good friends. In the same way India’s relation with Nepal, Bhutan and Burma will improve considerably.

In the economic field, the country will make great progress, in the 21st century. Standard of living of all persons will rise. India will become a big exporting country in the coming century. She will not stand in the need of taking loans from the world bank. The country will be able to put a check upon  rising prices of all necessary commodities. The country will make great progress in industry and agriculture will be modernized.

In scientific field, India will become the most advanced country in Asia. In making inventions she will leave Japan behind. She will not stand in the need of borrowing technology from any country of the world. She will make wonderful progress in the space technology. she will launch more rockets in the 21st century from her own launch complex.

She will also make great progress in cultural field. She will patronize her national culture in music , dancing, painting and sculpture. The artists of the country will win a great name in the international exhibitions of art.

In 21st century India will be in the  front in the educational field. She will overhaul her present system of education. Technical and vocational training will became integral part of the education of the youth of the country. There will be no educated unemployment in India in the coming century. This will be possible on account of the change in her educational policy. The county will be free from illiteracy.

In social field, India will get rid of many social customs in 21st century. Dowry system will be put to an end. There will no trouble for our women. Nobody will pour kerosene oil on her body to put an end to her life.  


Essay No. 02


India in the twenty-first century


According to the Hindu Calendar and Vikram Samvat, we are already in the middle of the twenty-first century. But according to Christian Era, the twenty-first century is a decade away. Time is eternal and a ceaseless flow which does not admit any break or division. It is for our convenience that we have divided time into periods like years, decades, centuries, etc. It is not easy to imagine what would be the shape of things and life to come in the next century. However, it is exciting to think about India that would be after a couple of decades. We may just guess from what has already happened and from what is happening about things to come at the turn of the century. It is a kind of speculation to guess what would be there in India after the present century.

To imagine about the coming century we have to see what has happened in the present century during the past three-four decades. In these years many fundamental changes have taken place as a result of rapid and radical advancement in the field of science and technology. We have harnessed the atomic energy, space and time have been conquered to some extent. With the help of supersonic aeroplanes the barrier of sound has been crossed, and now we can travel at tremendous speed. The increasing use of computers has revolutionized our life. In the field of entertainment television and audio systems have transformed the life completely. Man has landed on the moon and space labs have become a reality. People have become better aware as regards to family planning and welfare, and are accepting the norm of small family. Many of the diseases, previously regarded as fatal, have now been controlled and eradicated. But diseases like cancer and AIDS have posed a new challenge.

In the coming century life in India would become more automatic, mechanical and computerized. Man will become more materialistic, comfort-loving and dependent upon machines. Many things would be computer controlled. Students in India would depend on computers even for simple arithmetic problems. Housewives will have more leisure and spare time because of computerisation of the home and the hearth. The twenty-first century would be virtually a century of computers in India as well as in other countries.

There would be greater industrial and technological development in India in the coming century. As a result there would be more and more luxury items and consumer durables. There would be no shortage of consumer goods and food items. The farm technology would be further improved and food production would increase in spite of the increase in the population. In the next century

India’s population may surpass that of China. There would be marked improvement in living standards of the people in general. They would become comparatively better off than they are at present. India is deeply religious. There are many faiths and religions in India. It is a secular country. India would remain secular in spirit in the next century but the faith of the majority community would prevail over others. As a result of this the bonds of nationalism and patriotism would be further strengthened. The problems of casteism, regionalism, anti communalism would be solved giving rise to better discipline and progress. India would emerge as a world power in terms of economy, industry and military strength. In politics there exist at all. The public would be far more politically and. parties would not would be only national parties and regional socially enlightened. The masses would exercise their right to vote with great care, and would favour only those parties and candidates who do not indulge in corrupt and undesirable practices. The irresponsible form of politics would have no place at all. Then there would be greater awareness among the people about our rich and ancient culture and heritage. People would be proud in being Indians in the real sense of the term and pseudo-patriots would be exposed and suitably punished. There would be more cohesiveness, unity and integrity than now in the coming century. There would prevail one uniform civil code for all classes and communities.

In the field of education, much of the system would be computerized. Distance education would become more popular, and there would be hardly any illiteracy. The T.V. shall play more important and bigger role in the spread of education. By means of latest electronic devices, education will reach the door-steps of most of the people. People will not be required to reach to the distant universities and institutions of learning. The medium of instruction would be Hindi or the mother tongue of a student at school level. English, would remain, but would lose much of its present importance. The percentage of failure would be reduced to a great extent and education would be more realistic and work and job-oriented. Because of the increase in general awareness among the people and better economic conditions, exploitation, particularly of weaker sections like women, children, village folk, etc., would decrease to a great extent. The caste barriers would be further removed and there would\ be frequent inter-caste and inter community marriages. Sex-education in schools and colleges would become a routine and an accepted thing. There would be more acceptance of free sex, and liberal views would prevail in the matters of marriage, sex, love and family life. But with the increase in automation, industrialisation and materialism, bonds of family would be further loosened. The population of the senior citizens and the aged people would increase tremendously. It would create many new problems. The environs of the big cities like that of Delhi, Calcutta, Bombay, Bangalore, Madras, etc., would be so polluted that people would have to wear oxygen masks regularly. To solve the crisis of energy, we will have to depend more and more on solar and atomic energy. The conventional sources of energy would be more or less exhausted. Space travel would become common as air-travel is today among rich people. Recycling of waste products would become a necessity in India of the next century.

There are thousands of things which cannot be visualised at this point of time. Only the coming decades would show the exact shape of things to come. We can just make argues in broad terms, on the basis of present scientific, technological, social and political developments, about the condition that would prevail in India after 20, 30 or more years.


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