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Essay on “If I Were A Millionaire” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were A Millionaire

Essay No. 01

We have often heard old people advise the young ones not to indulge in wasteful talk about the past and future by quoting the following lines from H.W. Longfellow:

“Trust no future, however pleasant,

Let the dead past bury its dead.

Act, act in the living present,

Heart within and God overhead.

But there will hardly be man or woman who has never indulged in day dreaming. It may be a sheer wastage of time but this at least shows some of the ambition of a man.

If I were to become a millionaire, I shall use the money in my own way. Do you think that I shall have a luxurious air conditioned bungalow to take repose in, a big limousine to take me from one place to another, several servants to attend to me and be at my back and call every moment? My answer to all this would be an emphatic “No.”

India is a poor country. There are many people in India who can’t get two square meals a day, not to mention the comforts and luxuries of life. They don’t have even a very small room where they can find response. They don’t have clothes to perfect themselves from the chilly winter. Though the Government has opened a few night shelters, they are insufficient; therefore I will open more night shelters.

I find that many people still die for want of proper medical aid. I would therefore open a dispensary for the poor. This will save them from the jaws of death.

Many people particularly villagers have no means of recreation. I will open socio cultural centers at such places for their recreation. I will open orphanages and window houses for the orphans and windows. They will live and work there in an honorable manner. Through the Government has tried its best to open secondary and primary schools in almost every village of the country, little progress seems to have been made in the direction of adult education. It is a Herculean task. I will close three or four villages for this purpose. I would provide necessary establishment there and intensity the adult literacy programme.

There are still certain villages where the villagers have not yet been able to free themselves from the clutches of the village money lender who always charges an exorbitant rate of interest on the money he lends to them. So I shall start a co-operative society to feed a few villages which are situated near to each other. The Society will lend money to the poor farmers. Besides money it will supply them with good manure and fertilizer.

This is how I will make use of my money if I become a millionaire. There will be people who will jeer and mock at me for my foolishness of spending my money in this manner but they perhaps do not realize that the inner happiness and man gets out of helping the poor and needy is something which is far more valuable than the sensual pleasures that a man can purchase from the money he has.


Essay No. 02


If I were a Millionaire

The modem age is a materialistic age. Virtually; there is a rule of money all over the world. In reality, almost everybody is after money whatever he may profess to be or profess to do.

It need not be stressed that now everybody wants to become a millionaire. Normally, it is very difficult for a poor man to become a millionaire. But there are certain channels and means such as a jackpot lottery, G.K. Competitions, literary and other prizes, etc. which can make even a pauper to realize his dream of becoming a millionaire if he is lucky.

In the normal course, I cannot think of becoming a millionaire. It can happen only if I get some lucky stroke. But I have the power of imagination and I can become a millionaire at least in my imagination.

If I were a millionaire, I’d use my wealth most judiciously and that for positive purposes for me and my family and for others. I’d help the poorest children to get education. I’d pay for their books, fees, healthcare and even food and clothing, if necessary.

I’d open dispensaries and schools in rural areas. I’d start a chain of factories to increase industrialism and provide employment to thousands of unemployed meritorious young men and women.

I’d provide a park for children in my own locality. I’d help all my poor relations and acquaintances. I’d help the Municipal Committee of my town to arrange sewerage in the whole town.

I’d donate liberally for all kinds of victims such as floods, famine, cyclone, earthquake, communal riots, terrorism, etc. And even more than that, I’d not hesitate in doing social service with my own hands irrespective of the amount of wealth and luxuries I may have.


Essay No. 03


If I Were a Millionaire


Millions and millions of people in India live from hand to mouth. They are below poverty line and somehow keep their bodies and souls together. A few of the Indians are millionaires and multi-millionaires. They can be counted on your fingers. But I wonder how did they get so much wealth, and how do they manage all their fabulous wealth. No doubt money begets money, but it is not easy to earn wealth. It is still more difficult to use money properly. Many people get spoil because of their wealth. They acquire bad habits like gambling, drinking, womanising, etc. There are family feuds, fights, and quarrels because of the wealth. Money is power but power is said to corrupt people, if not properly managed and handled.

The idea of becoming one of the millionaires of the country is very exciting. But how can I get so much money is a big question. Perhaps by winning a couple of bumper lottery prizes. That is the only way of my becoming a millionaire overnight. What a day-dreaming indeed! But what should I do with millions of rupees won through lotteries. The question makes me think over the matter for some time. I would like to consult my parents, friends and well-wishers in the matter. But would it not be, like, counting one’s chickens before the eggs are hatched. They would think that I had gone mad. Therefore, I would confine the matter to myself and plan to utilize the money as best as I can.

If I were to possess millions of rupees overnight, first of all, I would purchase a good one-storied house with sufficient open space, lawns and a garden for my parents. I belong to a lower middle class family. My father is a government servant and on the verge of retirement. All his life he has been struggling hard to give me and my elder brother and younger sister the best possible education and care. My mother is a simple, god-fearing housewife. Her love has been a great inspiration and treasure for all of us. Therefore, I would like that my parents live happily in comfort and ease, in a good house, the rest of their life. I would employ a full time maidservant to help my mother in her work. Then, I shall see that my sister and elder brother are provided well with their requirements. My brother is in English honours (B.A.), and very fond of books. I shall purchase a number of books of his choice and make a nice study and library for him. My sister is still young and she is fond of dolls and toys. I shall purchase these for her.

I would like to go on a Bharat Darshan with my parents. India is such a vast country full of great historical monuments, fascinating sea-shores, hill-stations, centers of tourist interest and places of pilgrimages. I shall tour the entire country and have first-hand experience of the land, the people and the places. My parents are very devout and pious. I shall take them to centers of famous pilgrimages for their pleasure and satisfaction. Next I would like to give a number of scholarships to the needy and meritorious students at school level. I know many students in my school who are very intelligent, industrious and brilliant in studies, but very poor. They cannot afford to buy even text-books, let alone help and reference books. I have seen them shivering in winter for want of woolens. I would supply them with these necessities. A portion of my lottery prize I would put in fixed deposit in a bank and with its interest the boys and girls would be given stipends and scholarships.

I would not like that my money gets less and less with the passage of time. I would see that it increases day by day and then it is used for good purposes. Keeping this in view I intend to establish a factory producing some such articles which can easily be exported to foreign countries. Thus, the factory would employ a number of skilled and semi-skilled workers and earn valuable foreign exchange for the country. I would also see that the workers of my factory are looked after well. They shall have proper housing, medical, entertainment and educational facilities for themselves and their children. Further they would be allowed to share the profits of the company by participating in its share capital and management. Thus, there would be no labour problem. With profits of the factory I shall open a number of free dispensaries, libraries and schools for the public. I shall also try to fulfill the moral and religious needs of the society by building temples, water-huts for summer season and a big dharamshala or a rest house. This will please my parents in no small measure. They are so religious, compassionate and kind by nature. Thus, if I come to possess millions of rupees by winning a couple of lottery prizes, my main object will be to utilize the money in the above manner for the good of the people and my parents and family. In my opinion, these are some of the best constructive ways and means to utilise the unexpected great fortune I may come to possess. May God grant me this huge fortune and bless my above plans.


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