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Essay on “Human Rights” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Human Rights

Much is spoken about human rights and human rights violations. There is an inherent problem with this approach to trying to create a just world for humans to live in that is conducive to the actualizing of human potential. Even for the most “humanistic” among us, hearing the word “human” conjures up associations of that which is flawed and temporal . For those among us who are of a less generous spirit, the word “human” arouses visions of that which is barely more than animal, that which can be exploited and abused, that which is to be preyed upon. Of course there are those who feel free to decide who is human and to what degree. The concept of human rights is vulnerable to being usurped by secular “humanist” who have their own agenda for the future of humankind, as will be discussed shortly. At worst, the really unsavoury among us can perpetrate all kinds of perversions of justice even as they hide behind the banner of “human rights’. It seems clear that appealing to our gentler sentiments with the subject of “human rights” is doomed to failure. We are in need of an unequivocal concept that cannot be distorted or used cynically and opportunistically.

When secular humanitarians speak about “human rights” they are convinced that they are well-meaningly edging the world toward a scenario in which everyone is making a good enough living to have access to enough creature comforts so as to be a bit dulled and lethargic and not be a nuisance or a threat to those who are getting really rich at their expense. They want to create a world of willing, salary slaves who are making enough money to indulge their passions and fantasies, and thus be addicted to them. We are not intended to reach the zenith of human potential as envisioned by secular humanists.

We are intended to actualize the godliness which is inherent in each and every one of us. Preventing a human being from actualizing his/her god-self, keeping people unaware that this self exists, is a terrible torment, indeed, even if the means of prevention is considered pleasant and desirable by the individual who prefers to be a slave to his/her lower Self.

Keeping one’s own self enslaved, is the gravest infidelity that one can commit.

When the slaveholder acts cruelly to the slave he causes the slave to contemplate escape. What merit can be found in the slave who, being able to walk out free, chooses to remain and be the chattel of another, even though he serves in a palace? Although it is true that there are Souls that take it upon themselves to experience all manner of hardships in order to bring the Light of God to the nether worlds, these are not the most advanced Souls spiritually. It is possible to achieve the same wisdom by higher means.

True kindness resides in educating and encouraging the human race from our birth to believe in God, in ourselves and in each other. It means making each person know that they are participating in the great unfolding of the infinite. True kindness towards our children resides in seeing to it that every avenue for spiritual advancement is open to them and preventing anything from impeding that advancement. We need to protect our children from falling prey to those who would hinder their enjoyment of, or interfere with, the spiritual journey by addicting them to gross physical and emotional stimulation.

We also have the problem of defining what exactly are, ‘Human rights”. Questions like the following arise: Does every human have the right to a home? Does every human have the right to adequate food and hygiene? Does every, human have the right to be literate? Does every human have the right to be healthy and free of pain? Does every human have the right to reproduce? Do these rights extend to all humans under all circumstances? Why is it that we see that God has commissioned nature to take these “rights” from some humans? Why is it that God has given us the power to torment one another? What are we to say about those humans who willingly give up some or all of these “rights”? These questions confound the mind because we are trying to understand what a human is, and what a human’s rights are in a secular, materialistic and even mechanical way. We then fall into the trap of imagining the questions to be of an academic, intellectual nature. The issues as to what humans need and whether these needs can be satisfied and how become crystal clear when we conceive of what a human being is clearly.



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