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Essay on “Child is The Father of Man” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Child is The Father of Man

The statement ‘Child is father of the Man’ may seem strange-but these are the words of the celebrated Romantic poet of England, William Wordsworth, and are full of meaning and truth of life.

If we think a little deeply, we’ll realize that child is a man-in-the making and man is only a grownup child. In other words, the growth from childhood to manhood is continuous, symmetrical, spontaneous and natural.

This in simple words means that the traits of childhood continue in manhood. In other words, if we want to have better men, we must first have better children. If we pay no attention to the child, he grows into a worthless youth and equally or even more worthless man.

A child’s mind is like a clean slate. Whatever is written on it, its imprint continues on his mind for ever in life. A child is greatly influenced by the milieu and environment in which he lives. If his parents are quarrelsome and aggressive by nature, he grows almost like them. If they are religiously minded, he acquires the same traits.

Some children suffer from want, lack of affection and neglect. Such children cannot develop a good and lovable personality. We may read carefully the words Anant Waraich on child psychology as given below:


“Child is the father of man” is a common proverb which literally explains the practical importance of child psychology. A nation depends upon the care and upbringing of children. The future of tomorrow’s society depends upon the physiological and psychological development of today’s children. Child psychology therefore assumes importance for all those who are interested in the healthy development of a child’s personality.”

Anant Waraich  


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