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Essay on “Capital Punishment” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Capital Punishment


In modern world the death penalty is the most notorious severe practice. Other harsh, physical forms of criminal punishment also referred to as corporal punishment have generally been eliminated in modern times as unsophisticated and unnecessary About 80 nations have abolished the death penalty and an almost equal number of nations retain it. But, the nations of the world are split on the issue of capital punishment.

There are many compelling arguments against capital punishment. These can be made on the basis of its actual administration in the society. Like sometimes an innocent person might be put to death. Sometime the capital punishment is inflicted disproportionately on the poor and minorities. Our judicial system depends on witnesses only and that may be false or otherwise.

The claim that the threat of capital punishment reduces violent crime is inconclusive, certainly not proven, extremely difficult to disprove, and morally suspect in any case. Many surveys reflect the weakness of such arguments.

If there were ever any validity to the deterrence argument, it is negated by the endless appeals, technicalities, and retrials that keep persons condemned to death waiting for execution for years. One of the strongest arguments right now against capital punishment is that we are too incompetent to carry it out and that becomes another injustice.

In conclusion the percent practice of capital punishment is regarded by many a moral disgrace. The irony is that the society that has the least right to inflict it is precisely most likely to do so. The society provides opportunities for all citizens to achieve a good life in a sensible culture, so it is reasonable to believe that the demand for capital punishment will be reduced or eliminated.


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