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Essay on “An Election scene” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Election scene

An election is a necessary feature of a democratic form of government. It gives an opportunity to the people to elect representatives of their own choice. A coming election raises hope and aspirations in the mind of candidates and voters.

Great preparations are made before the day of actual election. Agents and canvassers are appointed by the candidates contesting the election. Processions are taken out. Public meetings are addressed by the candidates and their supporters. Wall posters are pasted on the walls of houses of towns and villages to attract the attention of the voters.

On the road side the polling station presents a very busy scene. No one is allowed to carry on direct or indirect propaganda within one hundred yards of the polling station.

During the last elections of Lok Sabha. I witnessed the scene outside our own polling station. The rival parties, the BJP and the Congress had pitched their tents at some distance from the polling station. Their respective party flags fluttered a top their tents. The polling of votes was to begin at 8 a.m. Men and women began to pour into the polling station to exercise their votes.

The polling was rather slow in the morning. It becomes brisk at about ten. There were two polling booths in our polling station. There were long queues at both the booths. From noon to 2 p.m. polling was again slow. It picked pace at about 3 p.m. it became unusually heavy. There was a large turnout of voters. I found great excitement in the Congress tent. The BJP tent wore a deserted look.

Arrangements at the polling booths were excellent. A few cases of impersonation were detected. They were detected. They were handed over to the police. A woman named Tarawanti complained to the Returning Officer that her name was written as Bhagwanti in the electro list in Punjabi. After the polling was over at 5 p.m. The ballot boxes were sealed in the presence of the agents of the respective candidates. Then they were sent to the District Head Quarters for counting.

Each party was confident of its victory. The Congress candidates were more hopeful. The BJP candidates were rather demoralized.

The results were declared it was total defeat of BJP Party.

Essay No. 2

Election Scene

Election is the backbone of Democracy. Democracy is the government of elected representatives. Hence elections are very necessary in democracy.

Election is a method or process through which we choose or select by vote a candidate as our representative for a political post or office. For the success of  Democracy we must have elections. In Democracy at present there is a great population so all the people cannot rule. They have to choose their representatives who sit together as legislators, make laws for our safety, social order and progress. The political  party which is in majority forms the government and makes plans for the progress of country. For election  the whole country is divided into single member constituencies on the basis of a specific standard of population. Each constituency elects one representative. In this way majority of representatives form a responsible government. Elections are the  expression of people’s will.

In the month of November, 1998 the eleventh general elections took place. There were candidates put up by different political parties. But the main contest was between the Congress and DMKP. The candidate of the Congress was Mr. K.N. Singh and the candidate of DMKP was Mr. K.C. Tuagi in our constituency. It was indeed  a very contesting election.

Great preparations were made for the election. The real election fever started a month before the election. Weeks before the polling day, canvassing started. The candidates and their supporters were up and doing. Meetings were arranged. In their meetings different candidates spoke about the line of action they would adopt after being elected. Great promises were made. The candidates and their supporters went door to door to seek votes. Hand bills were freely distributed. Posters of all the parties were hung on important places. Many central leaders visited our town. They addressed the public meetings. As the day of election, 24th, of November came near, the election fever grew more vigorous. Forty eight hours before the election, day, the canvassing was stopped. But silent work continued. Polling booths were erected at polling stations. Polling officers took charge of polling stations.  Each polling station has a presiding officer, three or four polling officers and several clerks.

The polling day was a holiday. The work started at 7.30 a.m. Ballot boxes were sealed before the candidates. The agents of different parties took their seats to see any discrepancy in the election work. At each polling station there was a great  crowed of people. Many people were coming on foot to vote. Some have own scooters. There were many polling stations. My school was one of them. I saw the scene there. There were tents of all parties. Some were bringing voters from their homes.

I saw the scene with my own eyes. The voter got a small chit from the candidate. This chit bore his serial number. He carried the chit to the polling clerk. The clerk asked his name. then he gave him a red ballot paper. Another clerk put the mark of indelible ink on his finger. The voter went into the polling booth alone. There were several symbols on the paper. The candidate marked one and put it into the ballot box. This went on till 5 p.m. The fever of election was over. Again the peace prevailed. We were eager to know the result of the polling.

The counting work started on 27th of November. During counting days, sometimes one     candidate led, other time the other, at last Mr. K.N. Singh the candidate of Congress (I) won the day. In the evening the victory procession was taken out. Sweets were distributed to the worker of the congress. Mr. K.N. Singh thanked worker and the voters who made him  successful. An election is a very good method of knowing whether people want a candidate or not. It is the test of his services and qualities.


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