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Essay on “A Visit to A Historical Building” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to A Historical Building

Seeing the Taj in the movies and reading about it in the history books had awakened a desire of my heart to see it personally. Words of marry great men about the Taj that ‘it is a drop of love on the rosy cheeks of time’, ‘a dream in marble’, `a poem in marble’, ‘a symphony in stone’, etc. kept ringing in my mind. This intensified my curiosity and yearning to see the Taj. Moreover, I knew a visit to some historical monument was always a fascinating moment. My dream came true when one day I was actually standing before this imposing monument built by Shah Jahan in their memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Untold wealth and numberless hands built this exquisite work of profound skill and art.

I entered the gate, a very high one and made of red stones. While entering my eyes were looking towards the main building. Inside the gate there was a long train of playing fountains. At a little distance the Taj on a high platform in white marble with its. white dome stood majestically. Its minarets were enhancing its beauty. The Taj stands on the right bank of the river Jamuna. Its surroundings are well-decorated with greenery and flower beds. Couplets from Koran are engraved artistically on its walls. Flowery designs are inset with precious coloured stones.

I went down the staircase and saw graves of the Emperor and the Empress lying side by side. The grave of the Empress is beautifully decorated-but the Emperor’s is all simple. My eyes picked up tress surrounding the building. Beautiful parks with velvety lush-green grass and spangled green trees ‘gave a fairy touch to the atmosphere. The moon-lit night enhanced its beauty all the more.

The Taj has withstood the vagaries of time and the elements, it is one of the seven wonders of the world. But unfortunately the beauty of the Taj is at stake because of the effluent sulphur dioxide emitted by the refinery. All efforts should be made to preserve its grandeur, elegance and heavenly beauty.

My visit to the Taj shall be a memorable experience. Its memory can never be erased. Its familiarity can never breed contemned because it is just so simple and yet majestic, so worldly and yet heavenly.


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