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Essay on “A Journey by Bus” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Journey by Bus

A journey by bus is dull and boring. Once we occupy a seat, we remain stationery there till we reach on destination. We cannot move freely in a bus. Heat in the summer and cold in winter make the journey troublesome and unbearable.

I seldom travel by bus, but this summer I had to travel by bus to Manali since the entire family was going on a summer vacation by bus. Our luggage was loaded on the roof of the bus and I managed to get a window seat, much to the envy of my cousins.

We left at 6 O’clock in the morning. The weather was quite pleasant. Sunshine was filtering in through the windows on the other side of the bus, so my side was quite cool. Cool breeze was blowing and it was very refreshing. All family members started chatting although a few elders tried to catch some sleep since everyone had woken up quite early.

We had packed sandwiches and cold drinks which we had for breakfast in the moving bus itself. It was a lot of fun since everyone had to pass the eatables to and fro in the bus. I was carrying story books, magazine and the morning newspaper with me. First I read the newspaper to catch up with the latest developments and then went through magazine for some time.

It was lunch time and we decided to stop at the roadside Dhaba in one of the villages of Punjab. The food was very delicious and different from what we eat at home. Everyone stretched their tired limbs and some people even lay down on the cots for some time.

After lunch it became quit hot. I drew the curtain at the window and decided to sleep for some time. With a full stomach and rocking bus, I full asleep within a couple of minutes. When I woke up I could not believe my eyes. The bus was negotiating steep curves and I realized that we had entered the hills. Tall trees cast their shadow on the road and very fresh wind livened everyone up. The children started singing songs and the elders joined by clapping vigorously. It was getting chilly and we took out light woolen to cover ourselves. We refreshed ourselves with hot tea and started to enjoy the lovely scenery.

We could see terraced forms, small streams of water and waterfalls running down the mountainside and the local hill people cheered whenever they saw our bus. There were apple orchards, plum trees and tall chinar trees. It was like a dream come true and was just like the story books that we had read. As dusk started to fall, the conductor announced that we had reached out destination.

One didn’t know how time flew and this bus journey was very different from the usual dull and loving journeys. I will remember this bus journey all my life.

Essay No. 2

A Journey By Bus

It was a fine day. I decided to spend the evening at Connaught place. I got ten rupees from my father. I left my house at 6 p.m. to catch the bus for Odeon.  

I stood in queue and waited anxiously for my turn in vain. I joined those who were struggling on the door of the bus. With  great difficulty  I also got my chance to get into the bus. I got a seat. Hardly had I sat on my seat when I saw a very old man. He was standing near me. He looked very sad. I looked at him. I got up out of respect. I offered my seat to him. But to my great surprise, a fashionable young lady rushed towards the seat. She pressed herself into the seat. The poor old man looked at her helplessly. He had to keep standing. The lady felt no shame. She kept on looking at the poor old shamelessly. I felt very angry at her behaviour.  

The passengers inside the bus were talking loudly. Some were talking about politics. Some were talking of soaring prices. Others were discussing their personal problems. The family quarrels were the subjects of their talk. I was looking outside thinking about the sad incident.

The journey was not long. It was quite short. By now our burs reached Pant Hospital. Here may people got down. May others boarded the bus. As usual the bus moved on. An old lady began to feel giddy. She requested a young man to provide her his seat. This proud young man refused flatly. This was very bad. We should show respect to ladies. Young ladies also should offer their seats to old and sick persons.  

At the Ajmeri gate three passengers got down. They paid the fare. The conductor did not issue tickets to them. I got a chance. I said to the conductor. “Mr. conductor, you did not issue tickets to the passengers. You are dishonest. “With these words I pulled the chain. The bus stopped. I asked the conductor to tear the three tickets. The conductor was perplexed. Some other passengers called him a thief. I rebuked him. The dishonest conductor felt ashmed for his dishonest act. He tore three tickets and threw them out. Again the bust started.

The bus was now running in New Delhi. My destination was quite near. At Minto Road the driver applied the brakes suddenly. He saved a cyclist. All the passengers got a jolt. My head struck against a lady’s she cursed me. I kept silent. I got down at Odeon.



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