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Essay on “A Journey By Air” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Journey By Air


A Flight By An Aeroplance

In September last, my father went to Delhi from Allahabad by a plane. He had to attend the meetings of the parliament. I requested him to take me with him. He agreed. I was very much pleased.

My father is an M.P. He went in a car from Allahabad to aerodrome in the morning. Our seats had already been reserved. I was much pleased to see the aerodrome. I saw a number of aeroplanes there. One aeroplane just came to the ground. People got down from it. Some were being cleaned and repaired . Our plane was ready for the flight.

Our luggage was put in the plane. We entered it. I wondered to see the plane. I had seen a plane from a distance. I never thought that it was so big. The plane was standing on wheels. It had two large wings. There were cushioned seats inside. There were windows and also holes at the floor to see through. We took  our seats.

Just at 8 o’clock the pilot started the engine. The plane began to move on the ground. It left the ground. It rose higher and higher. I was filled with joy as well as fear.

I looked down through the holes. I saw towns, villages, trees and fields passing below. The houses and trees looked very small. The men and animals looked like small dots. I was given a small spy- glass to see through it. Now I could see everything clearly. The wind was roaring and our plane was flying at the rate of 400 kilometers an hour. It was pleasant to fly over towns. And cities like the birds. Though it was hot on the land, but it was cool in the plane.

 I asked my father some questions about the plane. My father gave short answers. But one of the passengers knew all about machines. He saw my curiosity. He explained everything in detail. I was pleased to know so many new things about eh plane.

I saw the big city of Kanpur. I caught sight of the clouds of smoke rising from chimneys. But we could see only the tops. We then passed over the towers of Taj Mahal and the fort of Agra. Our plane did not stop at any place like train. Very soon large buildings came into my sight. I asked my father what that city was I was surprised to know that it was Delhi. I had never expected to reach Delhi so soon. In a few minutes our palne began  to take round and round. Very soon it came down on the ground. We reached Delhi in two hours. 

I got down. I saw Indira Gandhi airport. It was very big. I was very happy at the end of my flight.


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