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Essay on “A Cold Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


A Rainy day in winter


A Cold Day

Last year, the winter was in full swing. It was a biting cold. I was calmly lying in my bed. The day had not yet dawned. I got up and peeped through the window outside. I looked at the surrounding mist. The sky became cloudy. Soon a wind sprang up. Its fury increased. Sweeping gusts of wind began to blow hard. Soon it began to drizzle. Then it rained in torrents. Lightning flashed and the clouds thundered.

    We were shivering with cold. Our teeth were chattering. Many passers-by were wet to the skin. Our mother lit a fire in the hearth. She made tea for us. We sat around the fire to make ourselves warm. I took half a dozen cups of hot tea to shake off the cold that has gripped me. My brother and sister also followed suit.

        It rained for three hours. My friend called at my house. We took our way to the college. The sun speared in the east. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. Rain drops shone like pearls on the green grass. A rainbow appeared in the sky. Natural beauty was visible in its naked form.

    Soon we reached the college. We basked in the sun. There was a great rush at the college tuck-shop. Here things were selling like hot cakes. We were given a holiday on account of fine weather. We returned home and covered ourselves with quilts and blankets.


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