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Download Python 2.7 Software for Computer Science Class 11 and 12 CBSE.


Download Python 2.7

Python is an easy-to-lean yet powerful object oriented programming language. it is a very high level programming language yet as powerful as many other middle-level not so high-level languages like C, C++, JAVA etc.

Though Python language come to being in early 1990’s yet it is competing with ever-popular language such as C, C++ JAVA etc. in popularity index. although, it is not perfect for every type of application, yet it has many strengths that make it a good choice for many situations.

Easy to Use

Python is compact and very easy to use language with very simple systax rules. It is very high level language and thus very-very programmer-friendly.

Expressive Language

Python’s expressiveness means it is more capable to expressing the code’s purpose that many other languages. Reason being – fewer lines aof code, simpler syntax.

for example, consider following two sets of codes;

//in C++, Swap Values:                                            # In Python : Swap Values

int a =  2, b = 3, tmp;                                                         a, b =  2 ,  3

tmp = a;                                                                                a, b = b, a

a = b;

b=  tmp;




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