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Learn How to write ” Memorandum”.

Memorandum One of the most common forms of communication within an office environment, the memo or memorandum serves as a quick note to convey information from one section of the company to another. A memorandum is usually drafted by Senior Officers for their subordinates. Generally, a memorandum includes the name of the originator of the document, the intended person/s to whom it is addressed, the date of issue, the general topic,...
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Learn how to write Business Letter “Indented Style “.

Business Letter “Indented Style”   This is the oldest style of typing a letter. The word “indented” generally refers to the beginning of first line of each paragraph by indenting i.e. giving five or seven spaces from the left set margin and typing the remaining lines of each paragraph from the left set margin. A specimen of the indented style of business letter is given below. Telephone No……….            ...
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