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How to Fix / Resolve Printer Spooler Problem in Windows 7

Printer Spooler problem (Printer Spooler does’t support ) is a general problem occurred in Windows Operating System. If you don’t know about right method to resolve it then it will become big problem for you. Because of this problem/error printer and operating system could not connect or could not create bridge between printer and operating system.   What is Spooler In computing SPOOL is an acronym for simultaneous peripheral operations on-line. It is a...
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What is Increment and Decrement Operators

Increment and Decrement Operators C++ provides two Unary Operators for incrementing and decrementing variables values by 1. Increment Operator ++ Decrement Operator  — These Operators operate on one Operand and used in two modes. 1)      Postfix Mode 2)      Prefix Mode Postfix Mode: When increment and Decrement operator appear after the operands, the corresponding operation is called Postfix Increment and Postfix Decrement. Postfix increment and decrement are performed on the basis of...
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Function of Operating System.

We don’t have to bother about ‘where’ and ‘how’ the Data has to be ‘stored’ in the memory. It also keeps the track of the currently used memory and allocates new memory for the data to be used. Job Scheduling Functions: The Operating System undertakes the Job Scheduling Functions. If multiple tasks are there, it schedules the jobs according to their priority and keeps track of which task/work is to be...
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