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Reproduction of Organisms , Biology E- Book for Class 12, CBSE.

  Prelims:- Biology is the study of life in its entirety. The growth of biology as a natural science during the last 1000 years is interesting from many points of view. One feature of this growth is changing emphasis. Initially it was description of life forms. Identification, nomenclature, classification of all recorded living forms enjoyed the attention of scientists for a long time. Description of their abitats and (in the case of animals) their behaviour...
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Biology 10+1, Animal Kingdom Chapter 4, CBSE, NCERT. Video Tutorial.

Chapter: 4 ANIMAL KINGDOM: Through all members of Animalia are multicellular, all of them do not exhibit the same pattern of organisation of cells. For example, in sponges, the cells are arranged as loose cell aggregates, i.e., they exhibit cellularlevel of organisation. Some division of labour (activities) occur among the cells. In coelenterates, the arrangement of cells is more complex. toms canada boxing day cheap ray ban sunglasses mulberry bags sale mcm backpacks...
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Biology Text Book10+1 NCERT E-Book, English Medium.

    Prelims:    Chapter: 1 DIVERSITY IN THE LIVING WORLD: Biology is the science of life forms and living processes. The living world comprises an amazing diversity of living organisms. Early man could easily perceive the difference between inanimate matter and living organisms. Early man deified some of the inanimate matter (wind, sea, fire etc.) and some among the animals and plants. A common feature of all such forms of...
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