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Application to the Principal “Write an application for fee concession” Complete Application for all classes.

Write an application to the principal of your college for fee concession.


            The Principal,

            ABC College,

            XYZ City.


            Most respectfully I beg to state that I am a student of B.A. Part II in your college. The financial condition of my family is very bad. My father’s monthly is Rs. 900/-. He has to support a family of six members. He is not in a position to pay my fees. But I have a keen desire to get college education as I am brilliant student.

            Kindly grant me full fell concession and oblige.

Yours faithfully,


Roll. No. 312

August 14, 20….



Letter No. 02


Application to the principal of your school for fee concession.




The Principal,

P. S. Public School,

Jaipur Road,

New Delhi-110 037


With due regards I beg to solicit your favour of granting me full fee concession.

My father is a typist and his monthly salary is 2,000 rupees only. We are two brothers and three sisters. Except one, all are of school going age. My parents work very hard. They seldom spend any money on themselves and even then they find it difficult to make both ends meet. My father wants to educate me, but he is unable to spend any money on me and he feels very sorry. My parents remain very sad on this account.

I am good at studies. I stood third in my class in the last annual examination. I never remain absent from my class. I respect my teachers and I am sure they love me. I take an active part in all the activities of the school. I hope you will be kind enough to grant me fee concession and in doing so, I assure you, Sir, you will help a deserving boy.

Thanking you very much.

Yours most respectfully,

Rekha Sharma

Class IX-A


18th September 20




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