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10 Amazing Scientific “Facts of The World” interesting facts for Class 10 and 12 Part 21

Facts of The World – 21

861. In Florida (U.S.A) , the rattlesnake is a much favoured delicacy.

862. Workers in Japanese silk factories cook and eat the grub found inside the silkworm cocoons.

863. The world’s earliest bank notes were issued in Stockholm (Sweden), in 1661 A.D.

864. The only domestic animal no mentioned in the Bible is the cat.

865. When feats were held in honour of the dead in ancient Rome, bells were rung after the feast to the accompaniment of the intonation: “Ghosts of my father now go away!”

866. When the Black plague ravaged England in the 14th century, church bells were rung in the belief that this would disperse the plague.

867. In Arunachal Pradesh and the neighboruing areas of North – Eastern India, squirrels and rats are relished rather highly.

868. A dish relished by the Chinese during winter is a stew made from chicken, snake and civet.

869. Kings, Nala and Yudhishthira of ancient India staked their kingdoms in a game of dice.

870. Napoleon Bonaparte told Robert Fulton in 1802 that it was nonsense to believe that a ship powered by steam could be made to sail on the seas.


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